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Fun for the Whole Family! Man Accused of Bringing Woman, Baby on Armed Robberies

Surveillance footage showing the suspect -- allegedly Lawson -- with an unidentified woman and stroller.

The family that plays together stays together, but does a family that commits crimes together do the time together? Maybe not, in the case of an Atlanta man who police say brought a woman and a crying baby along on two armed robberies.┬áBrandon Nicholas Lawson, 21, was arrested Thursday night in Bibb county on charges of auto theft and giving a false name. Lawson already had a warrant out for his arrest in Atlanta — police had released surveillance video of an armed robbery and received tips that Lawson was their suspect.

In one of the alleged robberies, a 60-year-old man was relieved of his ATM card and pin number at gunpoint in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket, while the unnamed woman stood by, holding a stroller with a crying baby inside. The next day, police say another older gentleman and a friend were robbed in a similar fashion.

Police have not said whether charges will be pressed against the woman. Lawson is in Bibb County jail and is expected to be brought to Atlanta to face robbery charges.

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