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FBI Investigates Facebook Invitation to a Spree Killing

Columbine killers Eric Harris (left), and Dylan Kelbold

Columbine killers Eric Harris (left), and Dylan Kelbold

Well some folks just can’t get enough spree murder in one summer! So, it seems one Facebook user thought to extend the fun through to the fall with an invitation to a killing spree. The invitation was posted on Facebook by the user Erik Rebdomine. Columbine killer Erick Harris’ online alias was Rebdomine, probably not an accident given the specifics of the invitation. According to an FBI affidavit the invitation read, “KILLING SPREE IN LITTLETON COLORADO. JOIN ME SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 FROM 12:45 AM TO 1 AM AND KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.” An anonymous tipster, who possibly thought that Colorado had seen enough spree killings, alerted FBI to the invitation.

Investigators found the location of the proposed spree significant because Littleton is where Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, killed 13 and injured 25 when they opened fire at the Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. The date was significant because on that date in 2004, a Japanese man who had killed eight and injured 13 in a spree stabbing at an elementary school was executed; and again on that date in 2006, two students obsessed with the Columbine shooting were arrested for planning a massacre at their school in Green Bay, Wisc. Arresting officers found that they had stockpiled an arsenal for that purpose.

According to an FBI affidavit, “180 people had been invited to the ‘KILLING SPREE,’ and 37 had responded that they were coming.” Rebdomine also made several disturbing statements that caught investigators’ attention, “I’m going to show the world what a mass murderer really is. 85 people dead. 160 injured. I’ll get it done!” and “James holmes had 6000 rounds of ammo, but only killed 12…I could have done sooo much better.”

FBI traced the Rebdomine account’s IP address to the home of Mark Alan Jordan, 57, and Louretta Talvona Campbell, 83, in Beaufort, S.C., which they raided on August 28, 2012. Police seized two computers, an IPhone, three firearms, eight books and notebooks “involving killing,” and a DVD entitled Shooting in a Realistic Envoronment. When asked about the Rebdomine account in an interview with The Smoking Gun, Jordan said, “it was my daughter,” who he said is interested in crime in general and is in her 30s. The investigation is ongoing. There’s no telling at this point whether disappointed prospective attendees will try to carry out the proposed spree anyway.

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