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Accused Child Molester Attempts Suicide, Fails Cosmically

Quinton Headrick Jr.

Quinton Headrick Jr.

Quinton Headrick Jr. of Cape Girardeau, Mo., was facing charges of child molestation in April 2012, after a girl told her mother that he had attempted to sexually assault her. Two days after police were notified by the victim’s relatives, Headrick drove his car onto Interstate 55, pulled over, shot himself in the face, walked in front of an oncoming semi and was hit. He did not die. He was hospitalized with what were described at the time as life threatening injuries, but survived. Despite his best efforts to the contrary, he wound up making a full recovery and appearing before a judge to face the charges. On September 5, Headrick pleaded guilty to charges of child molestation. He was sentenced to ten years in prison. As a convicted child molester, there is less likelihood that he will do as well in prison.

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