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Live Infant Found in Dryer, Mother Charged

Angela Janecka. Police photo.

Prosecutors in Henrico, Va., say a pregnant woman claimed her child had died in-utero, but that a “mystery doctor” advised her to carry the fetus to full term.¬†Angela Marie Janecka, 39, allegedly had her husband, James Janecka, believe this story, and called him at work on August 25 to tell him she’d delivered a stillborn child. James Janecka rushed home, having been told by his wife that a doctor came to assist with the delivery and took the dead infant away. The child, however, was a perfectly alive, 8-pound baby girl, who allegedly spent the first hours of her life inside a laundry drier, wrapped in a plastic bag and a pillow case. When James Janecka got home, he heard the baby make noise, and unwrapped her. The couple, who already have an 8-year-old son, then called their pediatrician, who called 911.

Angela Janecka is charged with neglect and attempted murder, and is being held without bail pending a psychiatric evaluation. The infant is with Child Protective Services.

In a reverse incident last month, a woman who’d convinced friends and family she was pregnant was accused of attempting to steal a newborn infant from the hospital.

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