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Noisy AC/DC Fan Arrested 4 Times in 26 Hours

Joyce Coffey. Police photos.

To non-New Hampshirites, the Granite State may seem like a serene place full of majestic forests and strong, silent Northern types. While that stereotype may hold somewhat true, Joyce Coffey of Epping doesn’t fit it.

On Tuesday, police responded to complaints of loud music emanating from Coffey’s house. They first gave her a warning, but came back and arrested her after her alleged blaring of “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC continued unabated. She was let go only to be arrested again five hours later, once again for loud music. Once home, she reportedly continued to jam out to Guns ‘n’ Roses, and was arrested once more before the sun rose Wednesday morning. Then, Coffey’s nephew called police, complaining that she’d thrown a frying pan at him.

A judge ordered Coffey held pending a mental health evaluation, following which she will be released to her home with electronic monitoring. The judge also reportedly suggested that Coffey use headphones.

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