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Serial Killer Reveals Four More Possible Dumping Grounds

Wesley Shermantine

Wesley Shermantine

In person this time, serial killer Wesley Shermantine has pointed investigators to four more sites where he says they should recover more Speed Freak victims’ remains. According to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who has been working to try to get Shermantine to divulge the Speed Freak Killers’ dumping grounds, Shermantine phoned him and told him about four wells in Linden, Calif., where he and his partner killer Loren Herzog dumped some of their victims more than 11 years ago. Herzog was paroled early on a technicality, but soon killed himself when, in January 2012, Shermantine began disclosing dump sites. Shermantine identified a well in Calaveras County in early 2012, where they found the remains of two victims.

It should be noted that he isn’t saying how many victims there may be, or even promising that there are in fact remains at those locations. Padilla told reporters that when asked why he couldn’t be sure, Shermantine replied, “Where you’re at 2 or 3 in the morning and you’re on dope, and you’re all screwed up in the head, and it’s dark, and you’re stumbling around, there’s a well, oh OK, here’s a body.” Shermantine does expect payment for his help. According to Padilla the FBI will pay Shermantine for each person’s remains he helps them find.

Shermantine was escorted from the prison on August 26 to the well sites, assisted investigators for the day, and was returned to the prison. Padilla told reporters that Shermantine was so closely guarded that he commented that there were “more people guarding him with guns than the ambassador of the United States has when he goes to Afghanistan.”

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