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Former ‘Wife Swap’ Star Arrested for Prostitution

Alicia Guastaferro. Still from ABC's 'Wife Swap.'

A former teen beauty queen who once appeared on ABC’s hit reality TV show Wife Swap has been arrested for allegedly having sex for pay with a Rochester, N.Y., lawyer. Police say the attorney, 54-year-old James D. Doyle was found ”slumped over asleep” in a Pembroke rest area on Monday with the 20-year-old Alicia Guastaferro in his car. Doyle, who for a time served on the Greece Town Board, has been convicted of DWI twice in the past. Now, he’s charged with driving while intoxicated, patronizing a prostitute and unlawfully dealing with a child for giving alcohol to a minor. Guastaferro is charged with charged with criminal impersonation for having a fake ID, prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance. Doyle claims that he is a friend of Guastaferro’s family and that there is nothing sexual between the two of them. Guastaferro, however, allegedly told police that Doyle pays her $500 to $700 for sex twice a month.

Guastaferro’s mother was the wife ‘swapped’ on the family’s 2008 reality TV debut; Guastaferro herself appeared as a bratty, spoiled teenager who spent much of her time wearing a tiara. In 2010, Guastaferro sued ABC for $100 million, claiming that the unfair representation of her on the show led to suicidal tendencies and depression.

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