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Naked Child Found at WaWa; Two Moms Arrested

Lam, left, Craig, right. Police photo.

Two Virginia mothers are jailed after a naked child was seen wandering around outside a WaWa convenience store in Spotsylvania County on Sunday. A WaWa employee gave the child some clothes and called police, who went to the home of Crystal Dawn Craig, 29, and Amy Elizabeth Lam, 38.

Police say the home smelled of waste and garbage, and was inhabited by seven other children, aged seven months to 16 years, as well as seven dogs and two cats. Both women were charged with felony child neglect; Lam with three counts (one for each of her three children,) Craig with five counts. The children, unharmed, were placed in protective custody. The animals were turned over to animal control. In addition to the neglect charges, Lam is charged with failure to maintain her premises in a sanitary condition.

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