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Man Accused of Infecting at Least 30 Patients with Hep C

David Kwiatkowski

David Kwiatkowski

New Hampshire medical technician David Kwiatkowski, 32, was arrested on July 29, 2012, for drug diversion activities that led to his infecting at least 30 people with hepatitis C. Drug diversion is a practice in which medical personnel use a prescribed drug for themselves instead of the patient, and replace the drug with a bogus counterfeit, like saline. In Kwiatkowski’s case, he is accused of injecting himself with his patients’ pain killer Fentanyl and reusing his syringes on the patients. This is cause enough for alarm, but add to this is the fact that Kwiatkowski has hepatitis C, and you have health officials scrambling to determine how many people unknowingly contracted it from Kwiatkowski. Authorities say he has worked in at least six states. He worked at the Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire between April 1, 2011, and May 25, 2012, and also in Maricopa County’s Arizona Heart Hospital and Maryvale Hospital from 2009 to 2010. Kwiatkowski is charged with tampering with a consumer product and obtaining controlled substances by fraud. Health officials are recommending testing for anyone admitted to those facilities for surgery or intensive care while Kwiatkowski was employed there, while they continue their investigation into other medical facilities that may have employed him.

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