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Naked Man Dances Outside Woman’s Home

John David Kinder

John David Kinder

A Florida woman was awakened by her dog’s barking around 1 a.m. August 15, 2012, and looked out the window to be wowed by the naked dance stylings of John David Kinder, 25, who was reportedly busting a move in the street outside her Fort Pierce home. According to the police affidavit, “He appeared to be dancing around in front of the house and later fell in front of her house,” before an “unidentified female helped him up” and took him into a nearby home. Police arrived, located Kinder, and, though he denied seeing anyone in the road, identified him as the suspect by the dirt and debris on his back. Though the complainant did not identify the specific dance Kinder was performing, or capture it on video, police none-the-less arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Kelley Rennee Hutchins

Kelley Rennée Hutchins

In another story, a patron of an East Houston strip club was assaulted and robbed by a stripper after he allegedly turned down her offer of a lap dance. According to the criminal complaint, the victim visited the club on July 31, and was approached by Kelly Renee Hutchins, 23, a stripper at the club, who offered him a private lap dance. He was asked by a man at the club if he wanted that dancer’s company after he left the club, and again he declined. On arrival at his home later that night he noticed a vehicle following him with the headlights turned off. According to the victim, Hutchins exited the vehicle and approached him with a gun in her hand, demanding his wallet. When he told her that didn’t have a wallet, and noted that she was being recorded by the security cameras, she got back in the vehicle, and left. Investigators used the surveillance footage from the victim’s home to identify Hutchins, who is in custody for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

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