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Disgruntled Former Employee Shoots Co-Worker

Scene of jeffrey Johnson Shooting

Scene of Jeffrey Johnson Shooting

A workplace-related dispute in New York erupted into mass shooting and homicide today when Jeffrey Johnson, 58, shot and killed Steven Ercolino, 41, the man who allegedly had him fired from his job as a designed at Hazan Import Corp. in 2011. Johnson reportedly approached Ercolino around 9 a.m. on August 24, 2012, on Manhattan’s West 33rd street, outside the Empire State Building and shot him five times in the head with a 45-caliber pistol, before fleeing on foot. A witness followed Johnson and identified him for police. Johnson reportedly turned to fire at pursuing officers, who fired first, killing him with nine shots to the chest.

The details of the troubled relationship between Ercolino and Johnson are not yet known, though it seems that the men had a physical altercation over a year ago in an elevator, while on the job at Hazan Import Corp. More details will no doubt emerge, but in the meanwhile, the nine innocent bystanders who were wounded in the shooting by police gunfire or fragments, were taken to nearby hospitals. It seems that none had life-threatening injuries, though there are unconfirmed reports of a third victim, a young woman, possibly killed at the scene.

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