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Three Women Charges with Sexually Assaulting Romantic Rival

From left: Crystal Martinez, Tina Marie Treviño and Alicia Martinez

From left: Crystal Martinez, Tina Treviño and Alicia Martinez

Rio Grande Valley, Texas, woman Crystal Yvette Martinez was at a Brownsville nightclub on August 9, 2012, when confronted with the presence of her ex-boyfriend Emmanuel Guerrero and his new flame. Martinez reportedly accused Guerrero’s new love interest, 20, of stealing her man. She and her friends were not prepared to let the rivalry end there, and allegedly followed the couple to Guerrero’s apartment complex later that night. According to Cameron County sheriff Omar Lucio, it was in the parking garage that Martinez, Tina Marie Treviño and Maria Alicia Martinez allegedly grabbed the victim and dragged her to a nearby tree where “they tore off her clothing and they sexually assaulted her with their fingers.” The women knocked the boyfriend down when he tried to intervene. In fact, it seems to have taken a witness firing a shot in the air to end the fight. The victim did not tell authorities about the assault immediately, but later went to a hospital for pain, at which point police were informed.

Police investigated and arrested the two Martinezes for aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault and placed them in jail, each under a $45,000 bond. Crystal Martinez was released on bond by August 11, and was posting on her Facebook page proclaiming her innocence. Police didn’t catch up with Treviño, who was on the run taunting them from her her Facebook page, about until August 20. She too is now in custody and has been charged.

Police, however, don’t seem to be done arresting people connected to this case, not by a longshot. Guerrero is now behind bars after police found two pounds on marijuana in his apartment while conducting a search in connection with abduction and sexual assault allegations against his nephew. Finally, police are considering a charge of providing false information against Guerrero’s unnamed new flame as well, because initially she accused her ex of abducting and assaulting her. Only later did she confess to having lied to police.

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