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Two Members of Geezer Terror Cell Sentenced

Georgia's 'geezer' terror cell

Georgia's 'geezer' terror cell

Two members of the group referred to as the ‘Geezer’ Militia, Frederick Thomas, 73, and Dan Roberts, 68, have been convicted for their part in a plan the group was hatching to attack the government. Both men expressed regret at their crimes. Thomas said, “I’m terribly, terribly sorry for what I’ve done. I hurt my family, I hurt my children, I hurt myself.” Roberts expressed similar sentiments saying, “I’ve made a very bad mistake. My intent was not to cause harm to anyone.” The defendants claimed to be merely trash talking the government, which they truly believed was about to collapse, while prosecutors insisted that they were planning to kill government agents en masse, in cold blood. The defendants’ families asked the court for leniency, citing each man’s prior service in the U.S. military. Both Thomas and Roberts were sentenced to five years for attempting to obtain an unregistered explosive and an illegal gun silencer. The sentence was the maximum allowed for by an April 2012 plea agreement reached with the prosecution that includes credit for time served and a supervised release. Though the judge had the option to impose a fine, he chose not to, in the interest of the men’s families.

Co-conspirators Ray Adams and Samuel Crump await trial for charges of conspiracy, and attempting to make large quantities of the toxin ricin for airborne release in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

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