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Illinois Man Arrested for Spanking Underage Stranger

Anthony Nugent

Anthony Nugent

Park Ridge, Illinois, police arrested Anthony M. Nugent, 37, on August 17, 2012, after he allegedly grabbed a random girl, 16, by the head and neck, threw her down on the ground, pulled at her shorts, ripping them and spanked her. According to police, the incident began around 5p.m. when Nugent reportedly started following the young girl, who did not know him. He approached her, asking what was in the black case she was carrying. She told him it was a musical instrument. When he asked to see it, she continued walking, trying to ignore him. It was at this point that Nugent began acting aggressively towards her. According to Police Commander Jason Leavitt, “He continued to harass and badger the victim,” and then attacked her. Leavitt added, “I imagine this was horrific for her. She’s just a young girl.”

A passing motorist witnessed the assault and called 911. Police located Nugent, who had fled on foot, not far from the scene of the attack, and arrested him for felony aggravated battery and, after they found 2 grams of marijuana on him, possession of cannabis. Bail was set at $250,000. Police noted that Nugent was arrested previously for disorderly conduct for setting off the fire alarms in an area building. The girl received some minor marks and abrasions in the struggle with Nugent, but was otherwise fine.

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