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Former Roommate Recalls Conversations With Detroit Dismemberment Suspect

Roger Bowling. Police photo.

Roger Bowling, 39, of Allen Park, Mich., appeared in court yesterday to face murder charges in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend Danielle Greenway, 32, and her fiance, Chris Hall, 42. On July 17, authorities discovered two beheaded, dismembered torsos floating in the Detroit River. Fishermen later found legs cut off at the thigh and a circular saw in the river. According to Assistant Wayne County medical examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, Greenway and Hall died from gunshot wounds and were already dead when they were dismembered. Hall, said Jentzen, was shot six times; Greenway just once, in the mouth.

Danielle Greenway. Family photo.

A former roommate of Bowling’s who’d known the suspect since childhood testified in court yesterday that Bowling had long been planning to kill and dismember Greenway. According to Robert Slick, 35, he and Bowling would often discuss how they would “get rid” of their women over beer and marijuana. In all, said Slick, the two men had about ten such conversations in 2004 when they lived together. Slick said that he was going through a divorce at the time and also indulged in fantasies of killing his soon-to-be ex-wife. ”I talked about taking mine to the swamp – my wife. We’d drink beer and we’d talk about it. I didn’t do it. I had the thoughts. I was very upset at that time in my life,” Slick told the court. Bowling, according to Slick, “said that he’d cut [Greenway] up, put her body in a cooler with chains … wrap it up and dump it in the water.” When he heard about the bodies found in the river, Slick waited a few days before speaking with police. ”I had a conscience,” he said.

Bowling had been living with Greenway and Hall for a few months prior to their deaths. The couple were last heard from on July 14. Bowling has another hearing scheduled on August 29.

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