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Volleyball Star Killed Hours Before Match

Megan Boken, 23. Photo: St. Louis University Athletics.

Megan Boken, a 23-year-old alumnus of St. Louis University was all set to participate in a school tradition — a volleyball match at the start of the season where graduates play against current student athletes. The former star player and business administration major didn’t make it to the game; St. Louis police say Boken was fatally shot in the neck and chest while sitting in her car on Saturday afternoon.

There is little evidence so far in this case. According to David Marzullo, director of public information for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, it is not certain whether the shooter was inside Boken’s Volkswagen, or shot her through an open door. There is also no evidence that Boken knew the gunman. According to witnesses, the suspect is an African-American male in his early 20s, thin and stands at about 5’8″ or 5’10″ tall. He is believed to have fled the scene on foot. ”We don’t have a motive but are investigating it from a robbery standpoint,” said Marzullo.

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