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Rapper Juvenile, 37, Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Terius Gray, aka Juvenile. Police photo.

Rapper Juvenile, known for his gleaming grill and the 1999 hit single “Back That Azz Up” was arrested early this morning at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. According to Miami Beach Police spokesperson Detective Vivian Hernandez, Juvenile (born Terius Gray) was charged with disorderly conduct after a large fight broke out outside the LIV nightclub, which is part of Fontainebleau.

A police report states that ”large crowd (approximately 100) had gathered in front of the valet ramp. The crowd was yelling and screaming and some were pushing each other . . . Mr. Gray was visualized heading toward to Collins Ave. to enter his vehicle to exit the property,” and was arrested and booked into Miami-Dade’s Pre-Trial Detention Center on $500 bond. No word yet on whether he’s been released, but it seems likely that a Cash Money Millionaire would have $500 to get out of the slammer.

The ritzy hotel sees its fair share of badly-behaved high rollers, but in 2009, a much more serious crime became associated with the Fontainebleau name. In July of that year Ben Novack, Jr., heir to the Fontainebleau fortune, was brutally murdered by men hired by his wife, Narcy Novack. Novack, who was convicted this year, was unhappy that her pre-nup would leave her with only $60,000 of her eccentric husband’s riches.

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