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Man Accused of Running Over Pregnant Girlfriend

Brian Mack Feltman, 27. Police photo.

In Henry County, Ga., 27-year-old Brian Mack Feltman is being held on charges of murder and feticide after police say he intentionally ran over his pregnant girlfriend with his truck. Feltman and the victim, Meghann Pope, 27, lived together near where the alleged incident took place. Pope was four months pregnant.

Prosecutors contend that Feltman ran over pope intentionally, but Feltman’s friend Ryan Peterson told WBRC that he doesn’t believe Feltman would do such a thing. ”He loved her, he had a child by her – you think he’d call the police on himself if he was planning on doing it,” Peterson said of Feltman, who called 911 after Pope was hit. Peterson also mentioned the dark curve in the road where the alleged incident took place, stating that neighbors had long complained about the low visibility in the area.

According to Henry County jail records, Feltman is being held without bond.

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