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Baby Shot and Killed in Drive-by Shooting

Map of Houston with De Walt and Ponnel Lane locator.

Map of Houston with De Walt and Ponnel Lane locator.

An unnamed mother was driving in North Houston around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, with her baby daughter in the back of the car. When she approached the intersection of Ponnel Lane near De Walt, her vehicle was surrounded by two men, who ran towards her, and an SUV, that pulled up alongside the woman’s car; Shots were fired. According to Houston Police Department Sgt. Jewell, “The baby was in a car seat, but the vehicle was shot at several times and the baby was the only one who sustained fatal injuries.” The men and the SUV then fled the scene, while the mother, who was not injured, started driving away, but only went a block before stopping checking the child.

Witnesses heard the shots and came running to see the mother take her wounded infant out of the car and faint. Neighbors took the baby and called 911. The baby was taken to local area hospital for emergency surgery, but did not survive. Police continue to search for answers in what may, or may not, have been a random shooting. Anyone with any information on this case is urged to call Houston police or Crime Stoppers.

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