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Dallas Cowboys Sued Over Burned Backside

Cowboys Stadium. Photo: Wikipedia.

A woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones, claiming she suffered third degree burns after sitting on a hot bench at Cowboys stadium. The woman, Jenelle Carrillo, attended the Blue & Silver scrimmage in August 2010, where she sat on a black marble bench. The summer heat had reached a sweltering 101 degrees that day, causing the bench to become dangerously hot. “The bench was uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun. The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonable dangerous,” states the lawsuit.

After the alleged incident, Carrillo was hospitalized for a week and had to receive skin grafts on he buttocks. She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for mental anguish, physical pain, disfigurement. The Cowboys have declined comment.

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