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Former Sex Crimes Investigator Charged With Sex Crimes

Gregory Pyle, 36. Police photo.

A former internet sex crimes investigator with the McHenry County, Ill., Sheriff’s Department is facing federal charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and sexual exploitation of a child. Gregory Pyle, 36, is accused of transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of sex and creating child pornography.

In January, Pyle was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault of a juvenile, and has been free on $20,000 bail. He was arrested again when investigators learned from an informant that Pyle had allegedly transmitted child porn over the internet. Police tracked down Pyle’s alleged victim, who told them that Pyle had taken him to Wisconsin, where he had assaulted him and produced child porn with him.
Pyle is being held without bail and is due to appear in court tomorrow. He faces 30 years to life.

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