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Body Parts Found in Detroit Sewer; Police Hope Tattoo Will Help ID Victim

Photo: Sterling Heights Police Dept.

Contractors working in the Sterling Heights area of Detroit, Mich., found a dozen body parts in a sewer about 50 feet below street level. ”This morning, they go down to begin their work and they get down to a large grate at the 50-foot level and they see the body laying down there,” Sterling Heights Police Department Lt. Luke Riley told ABC News in an interview Wednesday. ”There were maybe a dozen softball-sized pieces of a body,” Riley continued, “No arms or leg or torso — nothing like that. Definitely a Caucasian. We’re not sure if it’s male or female.”

According to Riley, the same crew was working in the same area of the sewer Tuesday and did not see the body parts, leading police to believe they flowed into that pipe very recently. A medical examiner was able to clean up the parts, and police have released pictures of a tattoo in hopes that someone will recognize it and identify the victim. “We can’t tell what it’s a tattoo of, but there are two pieces that match up – it’s like a puzzle and we don’t have all the pieces to it,” said Riley.

Using a tattoo to identify a victim has worked for police before. Last month, a woman’s body was discovered in the woods near Polk City, Fla. Police released a photo of a tattoo on her arm, which read ‘Pray for Death.’ The woman’s mother saw it and called police, who quickly arrested the victim’s jealous ex-boyfriend.

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