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Moviegoer Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Butt

Still from The Bourne Legacy trailer

Still from The Bourne Legacy trailer

A Sparks, Nev., man, 56, was enjoying s screening of The Bourne Legacy in a downtown area theater, on August 14, 2012, when the handgun he was carrying discharged and shot him in the butt. According to Sparks police Sgt. Pat Dyer, the man, who had a valid permit to carry the concealed firearm, “was adjusting himself in his seat when a gun he had on him discharged.” No one was hurt except the unidentified man, who reportedly apologized, and left the theater to get medical attention. He was tracked down by police later at a Reno hospital for a non-life-threatening wound. Dyer continued saying that, “The (man) was cooperative with police and admitted that his gun fell out of his pocket and when it hit the floor it discharged,” Dyer said in the statement by police. Of the estimated 30 viewers in the theater, only five heard the shot, and nobody panicked, which in the wake of the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shootings less than a month ago, is remarkable. The 911 call first received by police around 8:50 p.m. reported eight shots fired, but police have determined that there was only one.

The case will be sent to the city attorney for review to determine whether the man, who is in good condition and is expected to recover from his wound, will face possible criminal charges for mishandling the weapon.

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