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Missing Child Alert: More Than a Month After Disappearance, Still No Sign of Skylar Neese

Skylar Neese. Handout photo.

Skylar Neese, 16, of Star City, W.Va., has now been missing for over a month.  On the evening of July 7, Skylar came home from her job at Wendy’s, hugged her parents and told them she loved them.  Then, her father recalls, she said she was tired and went to her room.  Surveillance footage taken from the family’s apartment complex shows Skylar leaving the apartment through a window and willingly getting into an unknown sedan.  That’s the last anyone has seen of Skylar. Her phone has been off since she’s been missing, and she has not tried to access her bank account.

A tip that Skylar had been spotted in Carolina Beach, N.C. turned out to be false. ”I know by now she would’ve been in contact with somebody,” Skylar’s father David told WBOY 12 News, “Honey, if you’re scared, don’t be scared. All of this is for you. We want you home more than anything in the world. You’re not in trouble. We need to talk and that’s all, honey. Just come home.”

Anyone with information on Skylar’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Star City Police at 304- 599-3550.

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