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Mom Accused of Spanking Son With Bag of Broken Glass

Alicia Croney, 24. Police photo.

On Sunday, Sand Springs, Okla., mom Alicia Croney took her 5-year-old son to the hospital to be treated for cuts on his legs. Upon seeing the boy’s injuries, the hospital called police to report suspected child abuse. Croney, 24, explained that when she caught her son playing X-Box when he wasn’t supposed to, she pulled an empty Doritos bag from the trash and spanked him with it, forgetting that it contained a broken jar of cocktail sauce. She told deputies that she hit the boy very lightly one time, and saw he was bleeding. Emergency room doctors told police that it would have ”taken some force to make the wounds that deep.” The boy is expected to have surgery to suture up both wounds. Croney is charged with child abuse.

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