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Update: Runaway Teen Couple Courtney Hawkins and Dillan Stewart Found Safe, Face Charges

Courtney Hawkins, Dillan Stewart. Photo: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

UPDATE: An endangered child alert has been canceled after Tennessee teens Courtney Hawkins and Dillan Stewart were found safe near Gainesboro. Police were able to trace the young couple using cell phone signals, and pulled them over in a traffic stop. Police say Dillan and Courtney were running away, and had a third juvenile in the car. They are now facing charges. What the charges are, and the name of the third juvenile, have not been released.

The Jackson County, Tenn., Sheriff’s office issued endangered child alerts for Courtney Hawkins and Dillan Stewart, both 16, Wednesday morning. The couple were last seen around 4 p.m. Tuesday as they were leaving school in Courtney’s car. The alerts came after Courtney’s car was discovered in the Jackson County High School parking lot. Police say the car had a cracked windshield and a footprint on the driver’s side door. Anyone with information regarding Hawkins’ or Stewart’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at (800) TBI-FIND.

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