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Man Who Killed for a Knockoff Rolex Pleads Guilty

Antwone Sharpe. Police photo.

One of the two Connecticut men accused of murdering a man for his fake Rolex watch pleaded guilty in court yesterday. Prosecutors are recommending a sentence of 35 years for 21-year-old Antwone Sharpe. He will be sentenced in October.

On April 12, 2011, Darrel Geyer, 35, was shot in his Bridgeport, Conn., home over a Rolex watch that turned out to be a knockoff worth $5. His wife, Monique, worried that he hadn’t come to pick her up from work during her lunch break, came home to find her husband dead in a dining room chair with their 14-month-old daughter, thankfully uninjured, in his lap. Nothing was missing from the home except the fake Rolex, including a large stash of marijuana that Geyer was selling. Police arrested Geyer’s cousin Lawrence Perry, 19, and Antwone Sharpe in the killing. During questioning, police noticed that Perry’s girlfriend was wearing a watch that appeared to be identical to the one worn by Geyer.¬†Perry is awaiting trial.

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