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Woman Feigns Labor Pains to Avoid Arrest

Tamara Grissett

Tamara Grissett

Ohio woman Tamara Grissett, 29, seems to have really wanted to avoid getting arrested after she was caught allegedly shoplifting. According to court records, Grissett was trying to make off with about $1,300 worth of goods from the Kenwood Towne Center Macy’s, when she got snagged. During the arrest police asked for ID and Grissett gave them a fake one. The officers figured out it was fake pretty quickly, go figure, and were able to confirm her true identity. Her attempt at deceit foiled, Grissett threatened to kill one of them. When that did get her out of being arrested, she threatened to file a false abuse complaint against the officer saying that he hit her, so he would be fired.

In the process of confirming Grissett’s identity, officers also found 11 outstanding warrants for her arrest, and so, not deterred by her venom, they proceed with the arrest. Grissett, however, had one more trick up her sleeve: She told them she was in pain, and was experiencing pregnancy complications. It is not clear whether Grissett is pregnant or not, but officers none-the-less had her transported to a nearby hospital, where, not surprisingly, she made a run for it. Not the criminal mastermind, Grissett was apprehended enjoying a meal a the McDonald’s one block away from the hospital. Grissett was arrested and charged with theft, aggravated menacing, escape and obstructing official business.

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