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Mugshot of the Day: Delbert Huber

One Saturday morning in October 2011, Delbert Huber, 82, and his son, Tim Huber, 46, drove to the rural Minnesota farm of middle-school teacher Timothy Larson, 43, who had hired the younger Huber to do odd jobs, allegedly to confront the employer about the difficulty of the jobs, some farm equipment Larson allegedly stole from the Hubers and $50 that Tim Huber said Larson stole from him. The confrontation ended when Delbert Huber shot Larson in the chest with a 303 Enfield rifle he had brought in the car. (Continued below photo.)

Delbert Huber

Delbert Huber

Police were never able to find any evidence that Larson, who had actually ordered the removal of the Hubers’ farm equipment, had stolen from either man. Initially the both men claimed that a fight had broken out and that the elder Hubert had shot Larson in self-defense, but Tim Huber later told police that his father had never before brought a gun in the car, and that he had told his son to park facing the entrance of the property, so they could leave. Delbert pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges on August 3, 2012. Tim Huber is still facing first-degree murder charges.

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