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Man Accused of Buggering Men While He Burgled Them

Dajuan Porter

Dajuan Porter

Pennsylvanian Dajuan Porter is suspected of stalking men he met at parties, breaking into their homes and performing oral sex on them while they slept. The case came to the attention of authorities in May 2011, when a man reported that he had been awakened during the night by an unknown man, who had broken in from the fire escape, and had started performing oral sex on him while he slept. Two other men reported similar attacks about a year later, except they recognized their assailant from a night of partying. One of the victims claims that the well-known Harrisburg DJ attacked him overnight on three separate occasions. The unnamed man told told, “It made me crazy for days and I really wanted to hunt Dejuan down and beat him to the pavement.” The man reportedly stopped Porter each time it happened and threw him out of the house. In April 2012, a fourth victim claims to have gone to the suspect’s home after a party, and awakened to find Porter performing oral sex on him. The most recent, fifth victim came forward this August. He doesn’t remember being particularly drunk, but said fell asleep after partying and awakening to find Porter performing oral sex on him. Police are looking into the possibility that some of the victims may have been drugged. Porter was arrested and charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault and burglary.

It seems that Porter, who was convicted of burglary in Worcester County, Maryland, got sex assault added to his crimes after he was caught sexually assaulting his sleeping cellmate.

Police believe there may be more unknown victims at this time, and urge anyone with information to contact Harrisburg Police Detective John O’Connor at 717-255-3175.

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