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Woman Accused of Trying to Steal Baby in Tote Bag

Grisel Ramirez. Police photo.

On Monday, California woman Grisel Ramirez, 48, allegedly entered a new mother’s hospital room dressed in scrubs and, posing as a nurse, told the woman to take a shower before a doctor came in to examine her. When the mother was in the shower, police say Ramirez put the woman’s newborn baby girl into a tie dyed tote bag and tried to walk out. Fortunately, the infant had a sensor attached to her that alerted staff at Garden Grove Medical Center, who prevented Ramirez from leaving the premises. ”An alarm went off when the baby crossed an imaginary line,” said Garden Grove Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale in a press conference, adding ”At this point we don’t have a solid reason why she stole the baby.” The infant was unharmed and is back in the care of her mother.

Investigators learned that last week, Ramirez visited an Anaheim hospital and aroused suspicion after asking a pregnant woman several questions. She is charged with kidnapping.

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Surveillance footage of Ramirez entering the hospital. Photo: Garden Grove Police.

The tote bag Ramirez allegedly used to carry the baby. Photo: Garden Grove Police.

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