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Topless TA Leads Florida Deputies on High Speed Chase

Mandy Ramsey Woodard

Mandy Ramsey Woodard

A Fort McCoy, Florida, woman was reportedly speeding down the road Saturday night around 11 p.m., when a patrol car attempted to pull her over. Instead of stopping, deputies say Mandy Ramsey, 35, floored it, leading the deputy on a high speed chase. She reportedly ran a stop sign before hitting an oak tree — and kept on going. The teacher’s assistant reportedly outran the law in her “boyfriend’s” F-250 truck, which was later found parked behind a mobile home, with an oak leaf stuck in the broken side mirror. The vehicle’s owner told police that he hadn’t driven the truck in over two hours. According to the report, when asked why she ran from police, Ramsey told deputies that she had been driving topless on her way to surprise her boyfriend, when the deputy signaled her to stop. She said that she didn’t stop because of her alleged toplessness. Later she posted on Facebook, perhaps for the benefit of her husband, Mr. James Woodard, “They didn’t ‘catch’ me behind the wheel, or topless, or with a boyfriend, and it did not end in an oak tree collision! They came to my house while I was swimming.” Happily, Ramsey was not arrested on charges of driving while indecently exposed, but was instead arrested on charges of fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement. She was later released on a $5,000 bond.

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