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Rejected Man Pees on Woman at Bar

Timothy Paez

Timothy Paez

Timothy Paez, 22, was tying one on at Shooters Grill and Bar in Boulder, Colo., when he noticed a woman at the bar. Perhaps he thought she was beautiful, perhaps, as he later told police, he thought she was his “former male partner.” In any case he sidled up to her and slipped his arm around her. She later described the event in the police report, “On July 28, 2012, at approximately 11:45 p.m. at Shooters Bar and Grill in Boulder, CO, I was standing at the bar, facing the bar with my arms on the actual bar, the guy approached next to me slightly.” Uninterested, she spurned his amorous advances, “I looked at him and said, ‘Umm, really?!’” Moments later she felt what seemed like cold beer going down her leg, but it wasn’t beer. Paez was again standing next to her, allegedly exposing himself and peeing on her leg, “Oh my God, he’s peeing!” cried the victim.

Paez was escorted out by bouncers, and turned over to police, who asked him how much he’d had to drink and if knew what had happened. They reportedly found his responses “unintelligible” and arrested him on suspicion of public indecency and harassment. The victim was reportedly OK, but pretty “grossed out” by the whole experience.

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