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Couple Arrested for Stealing Lube, Engaging in Sex Acts at Walmart

Julian R. Call, 22, and Tina F. Gianakon, 35. Police photo.

A while back we reported on the disturbing — if slightly amusing — trend of people cooking meth at Walmart. In a less biohazardous act of Walmart lawbreaking, a Kansas couple was arrested for allegedly stealing lube and then engaging in sexual acts inside the ubiquitous megastore. According to police, Julian R. Call, 22, and Tina F. Gianakon, 35, shoplifted several “personal care items” including K-Y Jelly, and then Call “sexually fondled” Gianakon in front of other customers. The pair were arrested on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior, theft and criminal damage. They were booked into Reno County jail and released after posting bond.

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