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Kids Found Alone With Mom’s Body, Boyfriend Charged

Cecilia Sanders. Family photo.

A Houston man is charged with murder and abandonment for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend Cecilia Sanders, 27, to death and leaving her two young daughters alone with her body. Sanders’ mother, worried after not hearing from her daughter all of Sunday, went to visit her Yale Street home. There, she found Sanders’ body next to a crib where 7-month-old Khya lay unharmed. Kymora, 3, was crying in a closet.

After the discovery of Sanders’ body, police found her boyfriend Ronald Deshaun Green at a gas station close to the house. He was the last person to see her alive, and was spotted by witnesses pacing in front of Sanders’ residence, according to Houston Police Sgt. Warren Meeler. Green was initially taken in for questioning as a person of interest, and later hit with murder and abandonment charges.

Khya and Kymora. Family photo.

Sanders’ family said they knew her relationship with Green wasn’t perfect, but they did not expect it to end in such tragedy. “She never made it seem like ‘Oh well, you know my life is in danger,’ but who would say that if they’re afraid,” Sanders’ younger sister Chateral Bishop told KHOU.

Khya and Kymora will be raised by their grandparents. Kymora had a bump on her head and was hosptalized as a precaution. Otherwise, the children were physically unscathed but police believe they may have witnessed their mother’s murder.

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