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Colorado Man Arrested for Carrying Weapon to the Movies

James Mapes

James Mapes

James Mapes, 48, of Northglen, Colo. was arrested Sunday after he was found carrying a concealed weapon in a Colorado movie theater. Mapes claims to have a valid concealed weapons permit, adding that he has carried weapons both visible and concealed to the movies many times since receiving his permit in 2003. In the wake of student James Holmes’ Auroro, Colo., shooting massacre, which left 12 dead and 58 wounded, police and movie patrons weren’t taking any chances. About 40 alarmed patrons were evacuated from the theater, and according to police spokesman Matt Barnes, “We had people fleeing the theatres, with people yelling there was a man with a gun.” Mapes, however, insists, “I was a threat to no one, I didn’t threaten anybody,” Mapes was taken into custody, cited and given a summons before being released. The charges against him may be dropped, if the prosecutor believes that Mapes did in fact have the correct, valid carrying permit.

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