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Teen Guilty of Killing Girl With Afro Comb

Julie Sheriff. Family photo.

The Central Criminal Court in England ruled today that an unnamed 16-year-old girl is guilty of murdering Julie Sheriff, also 16, with the spiked end of a metal Afro comb. The assault took place in May of last year on a South London street.  A witness reported that the teen first struck Sheriff in the collarbone, then plunged the comb into her temple. The instrument penetrated Sheriff’s brain, and she remained in a coma for almost five months before dying in September.

Sheriff was an immigrant from Sierra Leone, who moved to England with her family in 2006.  She and the defendant were allegedly involved in a bitter dispute concerning gossip and boys. After the attack, the defendant sent a Blackberry message that read, “I see some girl that I hate, like I actually hate her with a passion, and I kind of stabbed her.” The now-convicted defendant will be sentenced on August 28.

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