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Restaurant Owner Arrested for Swinging Kittens

Mother cat with rescued kitten. Photo: PSPCA

A 25-year-old Philadelphia restaurant owner has been arrested on charges of animal cruelty following the discovery of a surveillance tape allegedly showing him torturing cats. While working on an unrelated investigation, police reviewed surveillance footage of the alley behind Red Star Restaurant on the 4900 block of Old York Road. What they allegedly saw was Yu Zhen Chen swinging kittens by their tails and throwing them. Officers from the Philadelphia PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Department (HLE) arrested Chen on charges of animal cruelty, one count for each of the four kittens.  The mother cat and two of the kittens were removed from the property and are in the care of the PSPCA. The staff there have named the rescued cats Carmella, Sonic, and Eko.  “The images caught on the tape were extremely disturbing,” said George Bengal, head of the HLE, “He was swinging the cats by their tails and throwing them around and other acts of cruelty.”

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