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Florida Man Shoots, Kills Door-to-Door Salesman

Kenneth Bailey Roop

Kenneth Bailey Roop

Cape Coral, Fla., man Kenneth Baily Roop, is under arrest for killing an unarmed door-to-door salesman who was on his property. Nicholas Rainey, 30, was going door to door selling meat and lobster for Blue Ribbon Steak and Seafood Wednesday with two other men. He reportedly knocked on Roop’s door and turned to leave when there was no answer. Rainey was leaving when Roop returned home and confronted him in the driveway, asking what he was doing on the property. When Rainey was done explaining, Roop allegedly shot him at point blank range with a handgun. Once Rainey was down, Roop finished him off with a shot to the head, “for effect,” he later told police. The next door neighbor, a former firefighter, heard the shots and ran to Roop’s house to find Rainey lying in the driveway. He reportedly heard Roop say from the garage, “I’ll kill everybody or shoot everybody,” as he reloaded and cocked his gun. Luckily a nearby Collier County Sheriff’s deputy had also responded when she heard the shots and was able to prevent Roop from harming anyone else. The neighbor described Roop as dirty and disheveled, “When he came out of the garage, he looked totally deranged to me,” he added. “He looked like he was off the deep end.”

When asked why he killed Rainey, Roop said that he had posted his property against trespassing, and added, “I am not going to give him the chance to do something to me. I was in fear.”

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