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Toddler Eats Crack Cocaine, Mother Arrested

From left: Andrica Daniel, Ebony Daniel, Charlie Martin. Police photos.

When Andrica Daniel got out of the shower on Saturday, she says her mother’s boyfriend Charlie Martin was upset and asked her, “Man shorty, what happened to my crack?” They looked and looked, but the crack had been eaten by the shortest shorty of all: Daniel’s 13-month-old son Jay’von Daniel. She brought the boy to the hospital, where, she told CBS Atlanta, “His blood pressure kept going up and down. He was throwing up. They ran tests on his urine. He tested positive for crack cocaine. That’s how we know he ate it.”

Palmetto, Ga., police arrested Daniel, 17, Martin, 22, and the child’s grandmother, Ebony Daniel, 34. All three were charged with possession of cocaine, child cruelty and reckless conduct and are expected in court today.  Jay’von was kept in the hospital for observation and released on Monday into the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services.

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