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Man Arrested for Refusing to Leave Jail, Again

Rodney Dwayne Valentine. Police photo.

On Saturday, Rodney Dwayne Valentine, 37, was released from Rockingham County Jail in North Carolina, where he’d been since May 22nd on a charge of injury to personal property.  Upon his release, Valentine asked Sheriff’s deputies to give him a ride to a motel.  They refused, and in turn, Valentine refused to leave the jail. He was summarily re-arrested and charged with trespassing.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first such incident this year. In January, Arizona man Martin Batieni Kombate, 44, joined our collection of the dumbest criminals of all time when he refused to leave Coconino County Jail after being released on his own recognizance. He’d been behind bars for a week on a misdemeanor trespassing charge. When Sheriff’s deputies came to escort him back to freedom, he would not comply, saying he’d lost his wallet.  Despite several requests to vacate, Kombate stayed firmly planted in his cell, so deputies locked the doors and he was once again charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

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