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Florida Child Pornographer Asks for Leniency, Gets Denied

Randy Jerome Pozdol

Randy Jerome Pozdol. Police photo.

Randy Jerome Pozdol was arrested in 2009 after police raided his home and found video he had shared on peer-to-peer networks of himself having sex with an unconscious woman and two children, a boy, 11, and a girl, 8. The raid came as a result of a police child porn probe in which it was discovered that Pozdol’s IP address was the most active IP in all of Florida for online porn trading. In addition to the the 8mm tape, police found 123 child pornography files on Pozdol’s computer, and 160 child porn VHS tapes in his possession.

In an asside, investigation into the identity of the woman in the video, revealed that she was Pozdol’s mistress, and had died of an overdose in 2006. At the time police ruled her death accidental. The Miami New Times reported in 2011 that “She was found dead in her Dania Beach apartment from an overdose of morphine and Trazodone, an antidepressant. Pozdol said he had been with her the night before, but because the woman had a history of alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide attempts, Broward investigators deemed the death accidental. Police now wonder if Pozdol might have administered the fatal dose.” Police reviewed the case, but wound up closing it.

In any event, Pozdol would have to face charges of producing child porn, which he did. He was found guilty and was sentenced Monday. His lawyer naturally asked for leniency, offering such arguments as: This was Pozdol’s first and only offense; he’s an alcoholic, the porn habit was the result of his trying to quit drinking. Pozdol asked for the minimum 15-year sentence arguing additionally that he “did not hurt those children… they didn’t know,” even though one of the children reportedly remembered waking up numerous times without a shirt on, with Pozdol and a video camera in the room. And finally, he asked for leniency because of his own personal suffering caused by the August 2011 police shooting of his son Drew Randolph Pozdol, 26, who was gunned down during a confrontation with police.

The judged reportedly rejected Pozdol’s arguments saying, “There aren’t many offenses in the U.S. code more heinous than this.” Pozdol was sentenced to 30 years in prison. No word on whether he plans an appeal.

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