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Suspect in Dismemberment of Couple Due in Court

Roger Bowling. Police photo.

Roger Bowling, 39, of Allen Park, Mich., is charged with killing a couple he lived with.  The dismembered bodies of Chris Hall, 42, and his fiance Danielle Greenway, 32, were found in the Detroit River Tuesday.  Fishermen alerted authorities after spotting two mutilated torsos in the water.  Their missing body parts, as well as a suitcase and a circular saw were discovered nearby.  Police say Bowling shot the couple, then dismembered them in their home. According to police, Hall was shot several times and Greenway died from a single bullet.  Bowling had been staying with them as a guest for about three weeks.

Danielle Greenway. Family photo.

According to a friend of Greenway’s, Bowling was her ex-boyfriend.  Bowling had been estranged from his family; his father hadn’t heard from him in a decade. ”I really don’t know what to say except my heart goes out to the families of these people” Gary Bowling, 69, told the Detroit Free Press, “I keep thinking it’s a dream.”

Bowling is due in court today, to be officially arraigned on two counts each of first-degree murder, mutilation of a body and having a firearm in a felony.

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