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New Zealand Chainsaw Rampage Over a Box of Beer

A case of Steinlager beer.

A case of Steinlager beer.

A New Zealand couple got in an argument in their Hikurangi home over some beer around 6:50 p.m. on July 19, which resulted in serious chainsaw damage to the home. The dispute reportedly erupted over a box of Steinlager beer, though exactly what flamed the argument is unclear. When the woman walked out on the veranda, the man, 25, got his recently sharpened chainsaw and started it up. He then destroyed the front door by sawing through it, and the veranda, by cutting through the support causing it to collapse. The woman asked a bystander to summon Whangarei police, but her boyfriend wasn’t done yet. He kept the chainsaw idling and approached her with it. She reportedly threw a “Takeaway” sign at him, which he also sawed in half. Finally he pinned the woman against a wall and brandished a knife, before returning inside the home. He was arrested on two charges of possession of an offensive weapon, one of male assaults female, two of assaults with a weapon and two of willful damage.

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