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Denver Man Allegedly Slammed Baby on Floor to Quiet It

Marquis Garrison

Marquis Garrison

Police were called to the Denver Health Medical Center on June 26 after Marquis Garrison, 30, and an unidentified woman brought a baby in for examination, saying the child was lethargic. The parents said she had fallen off the bed a week prior, and started vomiting and seizing a few days later. Why they had not sought medical attention at that time was unclear to doctors, who quickly determined that the two month old was in critical condition from life threatening injuries that the parents could not explain. When the neurologist explained the seriousness of the situation to the baby’s mother, she reportedly left to go to work. Police brough Garrison, the child’s father, in for questioning.

According to the police report, the doctor explained that the child was suffering from a┬átraumatic brain injury that the parents’ story did not adequately explain. Though no external injuries were present, scans showed that she had extensive bleeding in her brain, broken right and left femurs, a broken tibia and a broken left shoulder. On questioning Garrison admitted to having shaken the baby and thrown her to the floor the day before to keep her from fussing and grabbing things. Perhaps more than once. He was initially charged with child abuse. That is, until the baby died. That charge was dismissed and Garrison now faces two charges involving child abuse resulting in death, and a first-degree murder charge.

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