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VIDEO: Cops Fired for Speeding Prank

It was hilarious in Super Troopers, but in Florida, a high-speed prank resulted in serious consequences for two members of the police department.  In March, Clermont Officer Christina Fowler was patrolling a section of Highway 27, when she saw a sports car speed through a construction zone. The driver didn’t comply when she signaled for him to pull over, so Fowler pursued the vehicle until it came to a stop in a shopping plaza parking lot.  As the driver was getting out of the car, Fowler drew her gun, but the tense situation was interrupted with laughter when it became apparent that the person she’d been chasing was Officer Marc Thompson, one of Clermont’s finest.  Also in the car were supervising Sergeant Mark Edwards and  Officer Dennis Hall.  The three, who were all off duty, were on their way back from a night of poker at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa. Fowler did not write Thompson a ticket, but said she believed he was driving at an unsafe speed.  Thompson and Edwards were fired last week; Hall, who was in the back seat, was given one day of unpaid suspension. The incident was captured on Fowler’s dash cam.

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