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Alleged Abuse Victim Wants Case Dropped, Says Parents Reject Sexual Orientation

Sierra Elizabeth Galvan. Police photo.

A 17-year-old girl from Odessa, Tex., who prosecutors say was the victim of sexual abuse, has repeatedly called for the case against Sierra Elizabeth Galvan, 22, to be dropped. The unnamed victim says she and Galvan are friends, and that her parents filed a complaint because they don’t accept her being gay.

According to an arrest affidavit, the alleged victim’s parents found suggestive photos of the teen and Galvan on the teen’s phone and gave police permission to search her phone and a video camera. The search, records state, revealed photos of Galvan and the teen nude together, kissing and in “sexually suggestive poses.” On a videotape, Galvan is allegedly heard saying ”I think you look fantastic,” “strip for me,” and “get naked for me.”

Galvan was arrested on February 9 and later released on $25,000 bond, under the condition that she stay away from the alleged victim.  Her bond was revoked after the girl’s parents reported that she went to see Galvan. According to Galvan’s attorney, “My client is in jail as a result of her failure to obey a court order to stay away from the victim. And the difficulty we’re seeing is that the alleged victim won’t stay away from my client.”

The alleged victim said that her parents kicked her out of the house after finding out she is a lesbian, but both her parents and the Odessa Police Department say that is not true. The girl’s mother also denied filing the complaint because of her daughter’s sexual orientation. Galvan is being held at Ector County Detention Center without bond on two felony charges: indecency with a child by sexual contact and sexual performance by a child.

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