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Update: Suspect Identified in Slaying of Missouri Sisters

Clifford B. Miller. Police Photo.

Earlier today, we reported that police in Missouri had found the bodies of two women in an open field. Now, police have confirmed that those bodies are the remains of sisters Britny Haarup, 19, and Ashley Key, 22. The suspect arrested in connection with their killings has been identified as Clifford B. Miller, a 31-year-old Trimble man who allegedly told investigators he was high on meth when he killed the sisters.  Miller has been charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Ashley Key, 22. Britny Haarup, 19. Police handout photos.

According to Platte County Sheriff Richard Anderson, Miller told investigators he drove to Edgerton house where Haarup and Key lived, planning to rape Haarup. Anderson says Key, who was sleeping on the couch, woke up when Miller entered the home through the front door. Miller then allegedly hit Key in the head and suffocated her, before entering Haarup’s room, where he beat and suffocated her as well. According to authorities, he then smoked more meth, wrapped the women’s bodies in sheets and put them in Haarup’s truck, which was later found abandoned miles away from the home.

Haarup’s fiance Matt Meyers alerted neighbors and called police Friday after reportedly finding the couple’s two children, 6 months and 18 months, alone in their crib when he came from from work.  According to Anderson, one of the children was in the room when Haarup was killed.

Miller was later arrested at his girlfriend’s house and led authorities to the bodies.

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