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Judge Calls Lawyer ‘Dirty Old Man’


Lawrence McCreery

Lawrence McCreery

Kauai, Hawaii, attorney Lawrence McCreery, 64, was convicted of harassment on July 12, after a judge ruled, essentially, that McCreery, who has been practicing law since 1975, is “a dirty old man.” One of McCreery’s female clients, 21, testified that during a consultation regarding¬†her child custody case, he came up behind her made a “weird sound,” hugged her tight, and licked the back of her right ear. Then while touching her arm, he said, “You look so good ‚Ķ Too bad you’re married.” McCreery denied licking the woman’s ear, and said that she initiated the hug. Per Diem Fifth Circuit District Court Judge Frank Rothschild did not find any evidence that the woman lied, found McCreery guilty and fined him $250.00. “Quite frankly,” Rothschild said, “these are the actions of a dirty old man.”

The defense is planning to appeal.

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