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Horrific Air Hose Assault Leaves Boy in Intensive Care

Du Chuanwang

Du Chuanwang

Du Chuanwang of China’s Shandong province is in intensive care in Beijing after two adult males from the auto repair shop where the boy apprentices attacked Du with compressed air. According to reports, the men attacked the boy and held him on the ground, while inserting the air-pump’s nozzle into his rectum. The men reportedly filled his body with compressed air. According to Ai Qingze, head of the local hospital’s ICU, “The pressure inside his abdomen was so high that his legs turned purple. The surgeons immediately cut open his abdomen to let the gas out, and found that his small intestines were bleeding very badly.” Further investigation revealed dozens of punctures to the small intestine. The air pressure also damaged Du’s liver, stomach and kidneys causing organ failure. It took doctors 20 hours to get Du’s intestinal track to stop bleeding and return his acid and electrolyte levels to normal. Du remained in a coma for eight eight days following the assault. Now the greatest threat posed to his life is an infection that is killing the tissue on his nose and cheek.

His family earns only about 5,000 yuan (US$780) each year, and hospital bills so far are in excess of 100,000 yuan (US$15,700). Beijing-based charitable organization Angel Mother Fund has raised over $400,000 for the boys medical care so far.

The suspects involved in the attack are reportedly calling it a prank. They have been detained

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